Meet the Founder

Jewels Harrison

Always finding herself feeling different from others, Founder Jewels knew what it was like to be on the outer, to not be accepted for herself which as a result strengthened her to be resilient and possess the ability to rise above any negative people or circumstances around her.

Jewels learnt whilst young that she needed to be her own “cheerleader”. Jewels learnt to recognise her weaknesses and the things she needed to work on to become the best version of herself and set out to accomplish that. She also learnt to recognise her strengths and began to encourage herself for her own achievements as she did not have a strong network of people around her to gain positive affirmation from that really understood her. As she got older Jewels created that positive environment for herself and then reached out to uplift others that she felt also needed and deserved it.

Jewels is confident and speaks her mind. She rarely missed an opportunity to positively encourage and motivate others in their life journey and always gives acknowledgment to people who deserve it.

From an early age Jewels was an advocate, always championing for people who didn’t have the strength to stand up for themselves. Quite often this did not make her popular, but she knew it was the right thing to do and never backed down.

Jewels has withstood continuous debilitating personal tragedies in her life – from rare incurable painful syndromes and medical diagnosis’ to losing numerous loved ones too early in life.

Together Jewels and her husband have weathered many storms and challenges head-on during their 20 years of marriage. His support has encouraged Jewels to be the best version she can be, despite all the gigantic obstacles including being diagnosed with more than one invisible disability in the latter years of her life. They have both been incredibly blessed with 3 amazing Unique StarShine children all diagnosed with Autism, all of them so precious and irreplaceable.

Life has been challenging for Jewels, but yet so rewarding. Learning how to communicate without words, reading others expressions and body movements, tuning in to such intricate little human beings and constantly reminding herself to tune out to the senseless and rude remarks of others who have no idea the life her family lives on a day-to-day basis.

Having to constantly prepare not only a Plan A and Plan B but also a Plan C, D and E for future events/situations to ensure that all her children cope with all the extra triggers that could potentially cause endless emotional or traumatic internal damage.

Whilst maintaining this extremely, high-demanding lifestyle Jewels realised how enormous the need was to be organised with her Unique StarShine children’s documents and all the communication needed between herself and all the specialists, doctors, NDIS, education departments, agencies and support workers. And also the need to have it all stored safely in one centralised place, accessible at any time.

The time it took to do this was a constant burden…completely worthwhile for the children, but painstakingly long and tiresome. Jewels was feeling drained of energy, exhausted and tired of wasting precious time on phone calls or meetings, trying to email extra (or new) documents to specialists or being unable to have access to reports due to offices being closed or websites/programs crashing or needing maintenance.

One particular summer afternoon, whilst waiting on hold music for 35 minutes (because she had to) – Jewels could hear the rest of her family outdoors laughing, shrieking with joy in the pool splashing and having fun without her. This brought up a lot of different emotions for her; frustrated, sad, annoyed, angry and most of all the feeling and knowledge that she was missing out on precious time with her loved ones.

“My children are my world….
….they are the heartbeat behind
everything that I do.”



It made Jewels think of all the other people who are also in a similar situation and how often there is no one else to turn to for help or assistance especially with organising the never-ending piles of paperwork, reports, documents and overwhelming communication needed to organise someone with a disability (or special need).

Jewels had a goal – to build an amazing dream app to help herself and others enhance their quality of life.

To assist others to have an easier life when it came to communicating and managing documents and paperwork for their loved ones who had a disability or special need. To assist people to become organised which as a result would give them back their precious time to have with their loved ones and friends or to spend time doing something enjoyable for themselves.

Jewels believes that if Unique StarShine Individuals have an organised network of people around them, then they will be better cared for and everyone around them will be synergised towards the same goals – helping the Unique StarShine Individual to excel and succeed in life…to Shine Bright!

Being a mother of three children all with a high level of needs Jewels knows how much Unique StarShine Individuals deserve love and respect and to be valued. Unique StarShines all have something to offer the world…we just need to take the time to discover it.