Every day has it’s challenges.

    • There’s nothing worse than realising once home that you have so many more challenges still ahead of you. Making phone calls, sending multiple emails requesting reports from numerous supporting agencies, then having to forward them on to other service providers and agencies.
    • Unique StarShine is here to make things easier by giving you back your precious time. It is an effective tool to assist you to manage, organise, communicate and share documents with multiple support networks all in the one safe place!

The Unique StarShine app is here to support you. To help you feel confident and in control.

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Meet The Founder

Jewels Harrison

Jewels believes that if Unique StarShine Individuals have an organised network of people around them, then they will be better cared for and everyone around them will be synergised towards the same goals – helping the Unique StarShine Individual to excel and succeed in life…to Shine Bright! Being a mother of three children all with a high level of needs Jewels knows how much Unique StarShine Individuals deserve love and respect and to be valued. Unique StarShines all have something to offer the world…we just need to take the time to discover it.

Read Jewels’ Story

Authentically Australian.
Created and made
with and purpose.



Manage all communication and documentation


Communicate and connect easily with specialists, health professionals and your support network


Keep track of important appointments and dates


Organise and share documents, information and communicate with multiple agencies. Unique StarShine is an effective and essential tool for recording, storing and sharing information with Specialists, Health Professionals and your support network


Unique StarShine offers the ability to communicate and connect easily and quickly with your Specialists, Health Professionals and support networks. Helping you to build a strong support network that is available at your fingertips. Unique StarShine is committed to bringing together a community synergised towards the same goals and empowering you and your ‘Unique StarShine’ Individual.


Unique StarShine helps you organise your Unique StarShine Individuals appointments, schedules, reports, routine and communication with all those that are important in their world. We are dedicated to empowering all Unique StarShine Individual’s to connect and achieve an easier and more productive lifestyle within their community.

Join a community of individuals who are synergised together towards the same goals.